Saturday, December 10, 2011

Commodity Trend For Next week

December, 9, 2011 (01:30pm) :-  After the very much volatile week for the commodities we fore see good market strategy for next week which is starting from 12th December to 17th December.
For this week, we see large movement in bullion, Base metals & Energy.
Crude oil have strong resistance at  Rs. 5260 levels & support at Rs. 5080 levels.
Natural Gas totally bearish under Rs.184.
Gold totally bullish above Rs. 29350.
Silver totally bullish above Rs. 56600 levels.
Copper totally bullish above Rs. 400 levels in MCX.
Nickel totally bullish above Rs. 928 levels in MCX.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Fundamental Analysis On Nifty Future

December, 9, 2011 (01:30pm) :- December rally comes to be end yesterday. on 1st December Nifty starts with the bullish mark of 5000 but all these rally are hurted by the non -  confidence on the FDI policy in multi brand but little bit effect also comes from the hearing on 2G spectrum case in which our home minister Mr. Chidambaram are on the accused on the trials.
That's why investors are dissatisfy and starts selling on the Nifty.
Our domestic Institutional investors are totally in selling position on 7th December, they sold Rs 190.11 & on 8th December, they are sold Rs 197.51 in stock market.
Nifty have strong support at 4850 above this level it's trend totally bullish side.

Bullion Dropped After The Claims Rebound

December, 9, 2011 (01:30pm) :- Gold & Silver are faced to be highest selling pressure by the investors and by the daily traders after the release of initial claim data.
Initial claims are least at 3,81,000 as comparing from the last 9 month data's.
Gold & Silver trend totally negative side because Gold breaks their important support at $ 1728 which is also broke yesterday.
Under $ 1728 Gold trend totally down for Short term.
Silver have support at $ 32, which is already broke yesterday & also strong resistance at $ 32.60.
On Wednesday we saw that Big investors sold around 3500 Kg approx Gold & bought 30,000 Kg Silver.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nifty breached 5100 & but not Sustained

December, 8, 2011 ( 01:40 pm) :- Nifty breached the 5100 level with in the 1 hour of trade but after the announce of our country also affecting by the European crisis disapproval of the FDI in multi brands also made and session of market is in the profit booking mode.
Nifty facing strong resistance at 5150 - 5180 under this Nifty trend keep weak for a down target of 4940 level.
Banking index continuously providing good returns everyday with the really of SBI, AXIS & ICICI Bank.

Volatile Gold Session For Trade

December, 8, 2011 ( 01:30 pm) :-  Gold & Silver good support by the investors who are keep maintaining their buy position in MCX & Comex.
But spot traders has sold 1000 kg Silver on Wednesday. Apart from this Silver maintaining their support above $ 32 & but also facing some resistance at $ 33.20.
If today $ 33.20, Silver able to trade above that level than we can fore see their prices up to $ 34 - 35 in short term but if all problems are sowed after the today meet.
Gold trend today totally bullish, If they trade above $ 1740 & Rs 29250 in MCX, We can for see Gold prices up to $ 1760 - $ 1780 in Comex & Rs 29500 - Rs 29700 in MCX.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reliance Industrial Tries Launches New Tech Crunch

December, 7, 2011 ( 01:40 pm) :- Reliance industries buy which is chain by Mr. Mukesh Ambani, company planes to offer 4 G services as a low Cost by which they help the growth of Indians.
Company plans to launch their tab around Rs 3500 & with data download or uploading facility for 10 Rs of every 1 GB.
If company able to provided all there technology, Reliance will be the next year favorite stock for many investors.
But now, Reliance have strong resistance at Rs XXX & support at Rs XXX above this trend bullish side.

Bullion Recovered In Late Market

December, 7, 2011 ( 01:50 pm) :-  Bullion are sparked at the late or and session of MCX & Comex.
USA investors are not worried about the coming events because European leaders signals that IMF providing help for European countries who are facing financial crisis.
Crude oil momentum also range bound whole day, a rising tension on the Iran exports resistance will trigger oil prices will at new high.
Silver have strong resistance at $ 33.20 above this level it's trend bullish under this its trend totally down.
Gold have strong resistance at $ 1742 above this trend totally bullish side & unless its in down trend.